More Playing/Testing

I have been using a Lumix 20mm F1.7 pancake lens with the Olympus E-M5 III camera.  I like this lens due to its size, maximum aperture, effective 40mm focal length, and its relatively close focusing ability.  It slows down my photography, but I have the time.  My hopes have been to mostly use the 20mm lens along with the Olympus 75mm lens and fill in with the 25mm and 45mm lenses as necessary. 

Note that my preferred lenses don’t include any zoom lenses or really long focal lengths.  That tends to eliminate the photography of most wildlife, etc.  I still have my 14-150mm weather resistant zoom lens which I use at times like in poor weather; but, I’m trying to wean myself away from using that lens even though I like the lens for its versatility.  I’m always on the hunt for a one camera, one prime lens solution.

For those of you who are wondering why I haven’t just decided to use my Fuji X100F camera for my one camera, one lens solution, the primary reason is the limited focal length for Homewood events, which seem to be less and less of a problem due to the diminishing need for photography.  Other issues with the X100F are the lack of image stabilization, lack of tilting LCD and the poorer handgrip.  I am thinking of shifting over to the X100F for a while just to have some more testing and comparison opportunities, but I have come to love the Olympus E-M5 III camera and prime lenses, even though the image quality of the X100F is better.  

One possibility that I haven’t been able to shake off is the one of using my X100F and my E-M5 III with the 75mm lens for the focal length differences.  My biggest problem with that choice is carrying multiple cameras; but, since I rarely go out with multiple lenses, the need for carrying multiple cameras is becoming less of a factor.

Since I have less and less of a need for a camera, the choice of going down to one camera looks more and more promising, even though I have been resisting it.  I may eventually reach the point where I toss a coin in order to make a decision.