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Every Day


Every day, I make at least one picture.  Sometimes they make it to my blog, sometimes they get trashed, and sometimes they get stored on my computer.  The process contributes to my sanity since I enjoy making the pictures which sometimes occurs over many hours as I try different processing.  I made the above picture by taking a picture through the window behind my computer early last Saturday.

I have tried to analyze why I take certain pictures, but I don’t come up with a single answer, nor do I have one way of processing them.  I try to just make what appeals to me, for whatever reason.  I photograph intuitively.

An equally often unknown thought is what to do with the images.  So far, this year, I have kept over 1600 such images.  These are in addition to my Homewood pictures and images I have been making of Hanover.  The majority of the more interesting ones have made it to my blog.  When things slow down this winter, I might see if I can find enough of them that are related in some way and publish them in a book.  I could probably make a book of just what I have viewed through this window.

Getting Old is Not Easy

170819-100212-17JEHGetting old is not easy.  Recently I bought a new bottle of eye drops for my eyes.  First, I had to open the box to get at the bottle.  Then I had to get a sharp pointed knife to rip off the plastic safety covering; but that wasn’t enough.  I couldn’t turn the top to get it off.  I had to go out to the garage and get a pair of pliers out of the tool box to break the top loose so I could remove it.  Then came the fun of hitting the eyes with the drops without getting it all over my face (I was out of practice).  Getting old is so much fun!

The Sign


I made an early morning trip to Walmart this morning.  I used my GR II camera to grab this image.  I liked the light and wondered what happened to the sign.

I considered selling my Ricoh GR II, but changed my mind.  It makes an excellent pocket camera for unexpected images as well as for making many of my intentional pictures because of its fixed focal length.  I recently noticed that many of my pictures lately have been made at an effective 28mm focal length with other cameras.  Why not use the GR II?

High Contrast Color with a Small Sensor TG-4

While I was experimenting with high contrast color images, I decided to try it with images made with my smallest sensor camera.   One of my many concerns has been how to process my pictures of Hanover.  Another concern was whether I could use pictures made with my Olympus TG-4 pocket camera for use in a book.  The pictures above were made some time ago through the car windows with the TG-4.   I then reprocessed them with a high contrast color preset I have been working on.  It was a cloudy day with on and off rain … the reason I had the waterproof TG-4 with me.  For those conditions, it seems to have worked.  I might try to make some more pictures with this camera in town under other lighting conditions.

The main points that I would like to make are that it is possible to make useable images with a small sensor camera; but, you really need image processing software to fine-tune the out-of-camera jpeg images.  The above jpeg images have been altered with Light Room.

This Morning


Do you recognize this?  I thought I noticed that one of our window screens had something unusual on it so I grabbed the TG-4 and took a picture through the window glass.  I often use that camera for studying things up close as well as making visual notes for myself.  Upon closer examination of this image, you can see that the screen is falling apart and that it is made of tiny strands of fiberglass with some type of coating.

Just another use for an Olympus TG-4 camera.