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Different, Not New

Lovers of B&W photography don’t usually photograph sunrises or sunsets; but I record my images raw so that I have an option in how I wish to publish the image if I see a nice colorful view.  Moments like this only last a few minutes so photographers often don’t have time to change their camera settings.  That is why I record raw files.

My problem is, how many times should I record the same, or similar, images?  I’m still wondering how, or if, I can continue with photography as a hobby if I don’t travel and see new things.

Walk-About Photography


With the coming of winter and wet, windy, cold weather, I’ll be using my TG-6 camera more often.  The challenge for me is, as it always has been, how much, or what, can I do with it.  I really wouldn’t mind, rather would find it interesting, if I could do all of my walk-about photography with that little camera.

Another related aspect of my photography is that I like to take pictures and then load them into my computer and see what can be made with them.  I have done this most often in the past with this small pocket camera since I am most likely to have it with me.

Early in my use of this camera I believed that my success with it depended upon the quality of bright lighting.  This past year I have found that isn’t always true.  The camera can do well in very dark conditions if I manage the exposure settings appropriately along with the processing of the images.  

I might get something very different from what I saw when I took an image.  In the above example, I took the image in the middle of the afternoon when it was brighter than you see here.  I am finding that I can use the camera to create an entirely different style of image.

I hope to explore this usage of the camera and see what I can create.  I’ll think of it initially as a potential mini project; but, I’m already wondering if I can make enough images to print that test book or magazine that I have been wishing to do in B&W.  If nothing else, I now have another idea to try as I while away the cold wet winter days, provided I go out for walks, ideally somewhere different.

What I must do if I’m going to generate satisfying walk-about photography for my blog is to go somewhere else to walk, but so far, I haven’t done that.  Rather than doing that, I have been considering just stopping with my blogging and photography.  That hasn’t happened yet either.



Note that these Mallards are standing in a section of the largest pond.  If the pond isn’t dredged and cleaned out soon, it is going to look a lot different.

I would prefer to see it, as well as other areas around Homewood at Plum Creek, converted into, and maintained naturally as rain gardens and bioretention assets with plants and trees.  They could then continue to do their jobs even better:  removing pollutants from the water before they continue on down Plum Creek on the way to the Chesapeake Bay, improving wildlife habitats, and improving the soil’s retention of water.

Planted as a bioretention asset would also save money in that we wouldn’t need the maintenance and operational cost of the fountains, etc.  That savings would go a long way towards negating the costs to convert from a pond to a bioretention or rain garden and save money in the long run.

Click on this link to see the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s recommendations.

Color Style

I’m working on finding more subjects to photograph in color, but maybe not as you would have seen them if you were there when I captured the image.  So far, I’m still tweaking some ideas and seeing how they work on different images.

I don’t feel like making “normal snapshots”, but it isn’t easy to always make images like I feel.  I also have to be concerned about the privacy of individuals, whether they think they care or not.

I also need to keep reminding myself, and others, that I make and publish images to entertain myself, not others.  Those who prefer color may get more than they wished.

Morning Light

221126-074030-JEH22Everyday, I try to get an image to play with.  Most times, they end up getting trashed, but sometimes I keep them for a while and try looking at them differently.

I made this image through a window looking right at the sun.  I then played with it, both in monochrome and color.

I would like to go outside early in the mornings and look for different views; but, I find it harder to do as the years go by, especially on cold mornings.

Angry Hummingbird

I have been continuing to learn what I can do with older images, and smaller sensors, while seeing how they covert to monochrome.  This was a picture I took in Costa Rica in 2007 with a small sensor bridge camera.  I used the latest version of Lightroom and ON1 resizing to reprocess it.

I’m also still wondering if getting longer lenses is worth the cost given that so much of the wildlife has been disappearing around where I live.

A Book of Days

I have been reading and looking at Patti Smith’s most recent book of images, A Book of Days.  I wonder where and why she was in West Virginia.

I’m floundering relative to what to do with my blog and photography.  I have been interested in how Patti publishes her new and older images almost daily, but I could never do a similar thing since I haven’t had such a wide list of public contacts and interests as she has had.  

Most of my career was working in classified environments where I was not allowed to even have a camera, nor smartphone, with me, let along take pictures and then keep a journal about what I did or where I was.

I had thought about doing something similar to what Patti does but making my subject about the daily life at living within a senior community … until I ran into privacy concerns and a pandemic.

If Only

There were many flights out of the northeast heading southwest on the morning I took this image.

Days like that bring back rich memories of when we often traveled in that direction in order to tour warmer climates in South and Central America.

I have no desire to take such long flights anymore.  A lot has changed, and I now think of all of the adverse affects on the climate brought about by such travelers as well as the cramped conditions on those airplanes for long periods.

We missed getting stuck in Peru for a week in 2001 because of terrorists.  Missed by one day.  Now one has to also be aware of pandemics, and wars, as well as our health and climate changes.

It would have been so much better for all if we all understood and took appropriate actions long ago.

Hanging On

Some leaves are hanging on.  Me, I’m still hanging on to my micro 4/3 camera and lenses.  I used the old Lumix 20mm f/1.7 lens for these images.  It keeps the camera-lens combination small and gives me a fast lens to blur the background.

Using both my TG-6 and my micro 4/3 gear gives me the options of lots of DoF in a small pocket camera, or a better low light system and blurring out the background with a larger system.

I have never (well I don’t remember) gone out with both cameras for a walk.  I don’t like to need to make a decision relative to which one to use when.  I prefer to go out with one at a time.  Which one depends on the weather, where I’m going, what I’m looking for, etc.

Should I … I Could

Don’t forget to click on one of the images and cycle through them in a larger size.  They really need to be viewed larger. 

I have been wondering if I should just use my TG-6 camera to make monochrome images for the rest of the winter, especially when out walking.  Recently I have only been taking my pocket camera whenever I go anywhere as I ponder this question.  

I could do it providing I find appropriate contrasts, lighting, etc.  Doing this type of photography would still be a challenge.  I could use the TG-6 to make the raw files and then utilize various styles in the processing; but, finding appropriate compositions would be the biggest challenge.

Using the TG-6 camera isn’t going to solve the issue of finding different things to photograph.  It might help in the sense that I would be more likely to have it with me in case I saw a different subject to photograph; but, I still need to go somewhere else, or at least try some different perspectives to photograph the common everyday things around me.