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Biggest Fear, No Electric

210218-053853-JEH21 The biggest fear that we all should have is a loss of electricity.

Reading and watching the news coming out of Texas now, triggered me to think about the wider consequences of power loss.

Our electrical power generation and distribution system is extremely vulnerable in this new age of wild and weird weather due to climate changes.

This vulnerability for loss of power is in addition to the effects of an enemy attacking us with an EMP weapon or widespread digital outage or take-over.

Nothing works without electricity.  Nothing.

Without power we have no heat, no air conditioning, no gasoline to be purchased at the gas stations, no food being delivered to our grocery stores, no fabrication of physical goods, no stores open, no access to our money, no medicines available … nothing!  Over a long period without electricity, several studies have projected that 90% of us will die within a year.

I don’t worry about dying.  I just worry about the pain and discomfort of trying to live without electricity.  Many things that would be lost could be stockpiled to cover short term losses; but, the biggest worry for me is loss of heat.  It is almost impossible to store any form of heat if you don’t have a wood stove and a stockpile of dried wood.  I can’t have a wood stove and stockpile of wood where I live. 

Think about how your life would be impacted without electricity, and then start advocating massive infrastructure improvements in our electrical systems.

Another Day


For those who are interested, I have switched my GR III to color jpegs only.  I can then use LRc to tweak, or convert to B&W if desired.  It saves needing to make many adjustments to raw files, including not needing to apply the lens corrections (which are significant with this camera).

Small Cameras


 As I’m considering changes with my photography I have been trying out cameras that are smaller.  I like the little Leica but it is older and is the slowest of the group in terms of turning it on, zooming, focusing, etc.

I just recently purchased the Ricoh GR III.  It has the largest sensor and the fastest operational characteristics of the three cameras shown here.  I’m still learning how and when to best use the GR camera, but I’m thinking that it will become my pocket camera in the future.

The Lumix is just in case I’m crazy enough to want to go out in blowing rain or snow and need to make pictures when I’m not willing to risk damaging one of the other cameras.  It is the least capable from image quality perspectives.

The major consideration in choosing these cameras is the very limited wider focal range.  The GR III has a fixed effective 28mm focal length.  The question I still need to answer is: when will I be willing and able to make images without the use of longer lenses?  That answer is going to have to wait until later when conditions improve for getting out and making images.

I have to also learn when to use the Leica D-Lux 6 vs. the Ricoh GR III.  While playing with potential answers to that decision I made the following images using the D-Lux 6 in low light in its macro mode.  I love having that F1.4 lens in a small sensor camera.

Why am I interested in small cameras?  The answers are that I’m afraid that the day will come when I can’t handle the larger, more expensive cameras, and the small ones will no longer be available.  I am also concerned that I no longer have sufficient new things to photograph and that I will have to give up photography as a hobby.  If that happens, I want to still have a small camera, easily available, for use up close while making photo records.  The final reason is that they are sufficient as long as I don’t need long focal lengths and I am not documenting events where I need to keep changing my focal length and snapping off pictures quickly and I don’t feel like taking a heavier camera.

I have not forgotten my Fuji X-Pro3 camera, especially when using it with prime lenses.  I used it with the 35mm lens to make the first image in this post.  I still consider it to be a smallish camera when used with prime lenses.  In addition, it produces superior images and has better controls.  It just doesn’t fit in a pocket like the GR III.  The widest prime lens I have for the X-Pro3 camera is the 35mm F2 lens.  I had planned to buy a wider lens for it but I started thinking about when I would use a wider lens and then started thinking “why not get the GR?”  I could accomplish multiple uses … a wider lens and a pocket camera with the GR III.

Noon Update

210131-115836-JEH21 The temperature rose to 30 degrees F. and the snow let up.  It is only flurrying now.

I haven’t lost my mind yet.  I have spent the morning looking at micro 4/3 files and cameras as well as playing some more with my Pentax gear.  I love my Pentax gear, even though it is a bit heavy, but I can handle it.

I picked an object far away from me that I could photograph through a window and made the image shown here.  It was made through a thermal pane window at maximum zoom with the 18-135mm lens.  I started with a raw file and then crop-zoomed and then upsized to make this.

The bottomline, at least for now, is that I will be keeping and continuing to use my Pentax DSLR for my most versatile, all around system.  My main problem is lack of things to photograph but I’m hoping that by spring that will be solved, at least somewhat.

Can Do Color


I know some of you are concerned about all of my B&W images and that you prefer color images.  I can still do my images in color but there hasn’t been much of interest in color this time of the year.  When the flowers return, I’ll make sure I do some of them in color when warranted.

In the meanwhile I have been more interested in soft B&W images, but I tried this image in color made with the Leica D-Lux 6 to see if I could do the same in color.  I have been learning to enjoy the processing of the raw files for softness, etc. with the small sensor camera.  I’m pleased that I also like the look of color images made with it.


210124-113614-JEH21How do we know we haven’t gone crazy?  I wonder what others will think when we start mixing socially and talking to each other face to face.  Do we wonder what they will be like?  Do we care anymore?



I’m pushing the limits to see what my bounds are when using the D-Lux 6 camera.  This image pushes the limits of using it at maximum zoom and then crop-zooming and then upsizing of jpeg images, at least ones made through my thermal pane window with dirt and glare on the glass.

It was 20 degrees F. outside.  The water bowl is heated.  I’m really looking forward to warmer days with flowers, etc. to see what I can make with this camera.