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One Camera & Prime Lens(es) ?

I’m currently thinking, “why not just own and use one camera?”  Since my photographic opportunities have been declining, and I don’t expect that to change much, I would like to reduce down to one camera.  Those who have been following my blog for some time should have noticed that I have been trying different systems over many years, even switching back and forth seeking “my camera”.  I would like to settle down to one system with the image quality and design that I prefer.

Based on all of the cameras that I have used, I now think that the camera I prefer is the Fujifilm X-Pro3.  I am currently checking out another used X-Pro3 with the XF 35mm F2 lens.  In addition, I would mostly like to use a 1:1 aspect ratio along with the color simulation Classic Neg. (along with B&W) for images on my blog.  Since I am still experimenting, I have been making raw files, but I’m thinking about switching to in-camera jpegs.

I haven’t decided on which lenses I want to use other than the XF 35mm F2 lens that I used for these images.  I am leaning toward no more than a few prime lenses in-order to keep the weight down.  One prime lens and one camera would be ideal if I found them suitable for all of my photography, but I expect that I will want to obtain some additional lenses.

I haven’t decided to sell any of my other cameras yet; but if I do that, I will be committed to only photographing what I can with what is left.  Going down to only one camera and a few prime lenses is as much about the challenge of continuing photography and learning to “make-do” as it is about simplification and reduction of resources.  Do I dare go down to just one camera and one effective 50mm lens?

I’m not sure about what to write; but, I will probably just continue writing about what I see, experience, and think.

Don’t Detach from Reality

We are detached from reality if we assume that global climate warming and other worldly events aren’t going to impact our continued existence.  They already are.

We are but small bits of existence within a massive world of turmoil … sort of like that airplane in this picture, or a small grain of sand being tossed about by the ocean.

Like that airplane, we can exist and continue reasonably safely, but only if we study and learn and prepare.  When we fly in an airplane we are relying upon the learning of aerospace engineers and the manufacturing skills of many engineers and workers who must continue to educate themselves, as well as the government regulations and air traffic controllers to keep us safe.

We need to return to the world of science while also utilizing compassion and humility when studying the entire global situation of food, energy, climate, plight of migrants, economies, etc.

We all need to study, learn, and make reasonable choices when we vote, when we consume, and when we discuss conditions with our neighbors, etc. as we prepare to the best of our abilities to make the most of what is reasonable as we learn and adjust for the future, no matter whether it is a few days or years.

Aging Camera Lover

Old creaky knees that don’t like it when I get down low to the ground, and then have to get back up.

Old eyes that have both had cataract surgery long ago, and have uncorrectable conditions, and need bifocals to see best.

Old hands that ache with arthritis and fingers that sometimes lock up and won’t bend.

Old back that long ago had surgery and contains rods and screws and that no longer bends as it used to and no longer likes spending hours in front of a computer screen while working on images.

Aging can have an impact on what cameras we use.  Primarily I have lately been using two identical Olympus E-M5 Mark III cameras, but I still have the Fuji X100F and a Ricoh GR III and the TG-6 cameras.  I used the GR III to make the above images as I was debating with myself whether to sell the X100F and/or the GR III cameras.  The GR III is a nice pocket camera (easy to carry) and works nice for up close images that are becoming more and more likely for me due to more time spent sitting and lack of other things to photograph.

But, should we give into the physical changes of aging or should we keep pushing to try new things, new toys, new cameras, new techniques, new styles?

Just Use Less

Hanover, PA  April 2017

In Hanover Germany they are getting serious about cutting energy consumption:  reducing winter thermostat settings, cold showers, darker buildings, etc.  Click here and read about it.

We should think about some of the same cuts here in Hanover, PA, USA for many reasons.  The sooner we start reducing our energy consumption the less we will need to cut it in the future due to the combination of resources and the rising earth temperature.  It would also reduce our personal electric and gas bills right now.  There is no better way to save energy, to reduce climate heating, or to save money than just using less of everything.

Acceptance of Actuality

As I look for different things to photograph I do look for good colors.  It isn’t easy this time of the year but it is occasionally possible to find some.

As Beth Kempton wrote:  “As a monk told me over green tea, with a gentle smile on his face: Living is suffering. Getting sick is suffering. Growing old is suffering. Dying is suffering. We cannot avoid any of these things. When we try to resist them, we just compound the suffering and delay our ability to respond. If, instead, you can embrace the actuality of what is going on, then you can flow with life. People think Zen is all about calmness and tranquility and living in some blissed-out state of good vibes. But actually it’s about how you face your challenges: unhappiness, loneliness, worry, difficult emotions. It’s about learning to deal with what life throws at you, and acceptance of actuality is central to that.”

Old Man’s Vertical Holds

I’m still trying various ways for an old man with arthritic thumbs to hold an Olympus E-M5 III camera vertically.  I need to be able to operate the camera while putting minimal pressure on my thumb root joints.  These are a few examples that I am trying while using different eyes as well as either the EVF or the LCD to compose.

I made the images using the 75mm lens at an aperture of F1.8 or 2 on the E-M5 III camera.


It is another hot, humid, sunny summer day.  The temperatures should be in the lower 90s F.

I have been having a terrible time finding anything worth photographing lately so today I just took my Fuji X100F camera.  It seems to be that I either just take it or nothing when I go for walks.

One of my neighbors said I should take pictures of the garden for the Plum Line.  My problem is that I have done that many many times over the years and such pictures aren’t really of interest to me for my blog.  I have gotten to the point where I only take pictures for Homewood publications when they ask me.  At those times I can take the appropriate lenses and camera with me for that specific task.

For my blog and personal photography I am trending toward only using my Fujifilm X100F camera.