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Making Pictures

I often feel like I have run out of things to photograph, but usually it is more about me.  I would like to make some different images, but I can almost always find the moon, clouds, flowers, etc. to photograph.  I just need to keep reminding myself that it isn’t all about me.  The joy and fun of making the pictures is mine, but when it comes to subjects I try to remind myself that one of my reasons for posting my pictures is for the benefit of residents who live here at Homewood at Plum Creek.  I try to post images that others didn’t see because they couldn’t get out or if they did, I try to show them differently then they might have viewed them.

I actually took these pictures before it was as dark as it looks above.  It is easier to make the images when the contrast between the sky and the moon isn’t as great, so I took these when the sky was still a brighter blue and the clouds were whiter and the moon was dull and washed out with little contrast.

Since one of the other reasons for me taking pictures is to practice on them.  I try different ways of processing and displaying them.  In this case I wanted to display the above images to look as if they had been made much later in the night.

I photographed the moon from a chair while I set on our front porch.  At the same time, I also photographed this flower right next to my chair.

Later today, and also next Tuesday, I am photographing an activity for Homewood, so there might be a delay between this post and the next; but it depends on what else “I see”.

National Selfie Day


Today, 21 June 2018, is National Selfie Day so I thought I would post one I made of myself.  An image is supposed to tell a story and this one shows an old man worrying about what life has come to be … living to see the world decay under climate change, resource depletion, national debts, and despots like Trump bullying their way to power by feeding us bullshit.

One of the main problems is that we are fixated on ourselves, making selfies, etc.  We seem to have lost the ability, or will, to think and act based on the bigger long-term implications of our actions, or inactions.  We have lost our humanity.