Effective 35mm Lens

220921-093014-JEH22I decided that I liked the colors in the previous evening pictures and decided to extend my exploring using the 23mm F2 lens with the X-Pro3 and Classic Neg film simulation with no additional personal processing of the file.  I took this image to see how close I could autofocus at F2.

I am not feeling great today so I might do some more checking around the house.  I have often seen people taking similar pictures of their watch to check close focusing, sharpness, etc. but since I no longer have a watch I made this version.

I would like to compare this lens and image to one made with the Fuji X100V, but I replaced my previous X100V with the X-Pro3 to have a more versatile system.  Now, in hindsight, I think I should have just kept the X100V and only made images with it.  It would have been simpler, lighter, and cheaper.  I also miss the X100V LCD.

I’ll use the 23mm lens for awhile and consider dropping back to only a X100V for a one and only camera whenever they become more available.  I am finding that I could probably manage with just an effective 35mm lens since my travel photography and Homewood photography effectively died with the beginning of Covid and the passing of a new PA law relative to photographing seniors living in care facilities.  The decrease of wildlife on Homewood also removed my need for longer zoom lenses.


  1. Svente

    Hello from Germany. Just started following your blog.

    I totally get the “just stay with 35mm and have 1 nice camera” thing. Got myself a Sony RX1 last week and love it so far. Thing is, i also own an RX100 an an Olympus Pen-F with the Panaleica nifty 50 lens. I want to downsize but parting also means: It does not get easier to get ahold of that stuff in the future and i really love the Pen-F design and jpeg colors.
    (Got a bit into a rambling there)

    Thank your for the everyday insights


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