Started Snowing Again

150129-161510_Plum Creek

It is snowing again this afternoon and since I haven’t been feeling great I stayed inside and took this picture through the window.  I haven’t been out getting good snow pictures this winter since the snows haven’t been that deep and the temperatures have been cold.

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Through the Fogged Storm Door


I bought another book which I like.  It is Todd Hido’s book on Landscapes, Interiors, and the Nude.  Todd has a lot of good general photography information that he shares as he goes through examples from several phases of his career from the exteriors of houses at night, to general landscapes, to insides of houses, to nudes.  The book is also about his characteristic style for the making of color images.  His philosophy is to take pictures like a documentarian and then print/process like a painter.

I found his comments about how he makes such pictures to be interesting since he took a lot of them from his car.  That is something I hope to do more of since I’m not walking as much anymore.  One of his styles is to photograph from inside his car at night in the rain.  He also deliberately fogs up his windows with his breath to create the style.

The picture, Rainy Night in Warmer Weather, was based on similar ideas for my picture on the streets of Hanover.  The above picture of mine also reminded me of his style.  He shifts the colors by adjusting the white balance or adding tint.

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What would you expect?

What would you expect to get with an entry-level Canon DSLR, a 40 mm lens, and shooting at only 1/15 sec. with no image stabilization for photographing a car race?

I didn’t go to the races to find out.  I captured these images from the TV screen.  My original intent was to get some blurred color and to satisfy my curiosity of what the pictures would look like.

Hopefully nicer weather will return, but in the meantime, I am trying as many different types of photography as I can so that I will be ready.  I am also tired of pictures like below.


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Natures Work

150121-091823_Plum Creek

Before it snowed, I noticed a stump along Plum Creek with this nice color and pattern.  I might go back later with a better lens and different camera.

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Wabi-Sabi Material Qualities


  • The suggestion of natural process
  • Irregular
  • Intimate
  • Unpretentious
  • Earthy
  • Murky
  • Simple

Reference:   Wabi-Sabi by Leonard Koren

I was exploring the limits of the Canon SL1 with the 40 mm F2.8 pancake lens when I took some pictures as close as possible in low light with ISO = 6400.  As I was crop-zooming into one image, it occurred to me that the image fit the definition as defined above.  I had just gotten the 40 mm lens and a copy of Leonard’s book:  Wabi-Sabi for Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers when I took the above picture.  The picture might not excite you, but I encourage you to read the book if you are interested in photographing old and simple objects.  “Wabi-sabi is a beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete.  It is a beauty of things modest and humble.  It is a beauty of things unconventional.”

This style isn’t something I would desire to pursue all the time, but it does give me another concept to think about.  It is also an expansion of an earlier idea I had for a project which I referred to as entropy.   I might revive that project using my new understanding of Wabi-Sabi.


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Don’t forget to click on a picture and view in gallery mode.

Let’s just say that if you had stood beside me and took the same pictures with your jpeg only camera, this isn’t what you would have gotten.  I have been working on some new styles for some of my future images from around Hanover.

I am also working on adjustments for different cameras, as well as different locations and times, as I convince myself that I can use different cameras and you won’t be able to tell which one I used; i.e., it isn’t the camera that is most important.  About all that is left, is to go out and get some new pictures!

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Rainy Night in Warmer Weather

Rainy Night

I have been refining my techniques for pictures at night taken from the car.  In this case I reworked an older picture.


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