Holiday Pictures

The holiday happenings have started, but so far, I haven’t gone out to start photographing them.  It is dark, dreary, foggy, drizzling, and cool (some would say cold); but I will have to eventually go out since I have five scheduled events that I have been asked to photograph in the next three weeks.

151130-181518_15JEHI took the first picture last night from inside looking through a double pained window with reflections.  I was checking out some camera/lens details.  The second picture was taken inside as I was noticing that the LED decorative lights appeared to blink or flicker when viewed through my electronic view finder (EVF).  151130-181731_15JEHLED lights shouldn’t flicker since they are DC devices but apparently in the conversion of the 60 cycle AC current to DC there was a pulse and the frequency was such that the EVF refresh frequency saw it.  Don’t worry if you see it in your camera.  It didn’t seem to affect the picture which was taken at a shutter speed of 1/70 sec.


Lindy Point


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The Mountains are Calling


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Going Back to WV over Thanksgiving

151008-110941_15JEH-EditWe are going back to both Blackwater Falls State Park and the Canaan Valley over Thanksgiving.  The last time we did this with family we had a white-out in a snow storm getting there and a tractor-trailer caused me to end up in a ditch.  Even with 4WD it required the help of some deer hunters to shovel us out.  The State ended up closing the road right after we got through.

We had a great time playing and hiking in the snow which was up to my knees along the trails; but I was younger then.  I have been hoping for a little snow this time, just enough to cover the ground.  With all of the leaves down it can be a dreary place if it is cloudy with no snow.  Everything is gray.  Hopefully I will get a few pictures.  I’m taking my weather resistant X-T1 and 35 mm F2 lens just in case it rains or snows, but the forecast is for clear and warming.

The above picture was taken in the Kac-Ka-Pon Restaurant in Wardensville, WV.  I took this picture when we stopped there while driving back to Hanover last October.  We have been stopping there ever since they first opened (In the 60s).  They have great pies.  We used to almost always drive through there while traveling back and forth to WV; but after they opened up Rt. 68 it was faster to go that way so we missed the Kac-Ka-Pon.  Now that they have Rt. 48 opened up between Wardensville and Davis we can go that way, stop in Wardensville, and miss the section of steep curvy road climbing up the mountain.

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Old Pictures of Egypt

I have been looking at some of my older travel pictures to see how they would look if I used the latest version of Light Room to tweak them.  The images I looked at were all taken with small sensor cameras as jpeg images.  The first set I looked at were the ones I took when we were in Egypt in 2006.  We would like to return but that no longer seems likely.  The camera I used on that trip was a Canon S3 IS zoom camera.  I thought I would show you a few images just for fun.

The first one was taken late in the day right before dark.  The high elevation images were taken from a hot air balloon looking down as we drifted west of the Nile across from Luxor.  The last three were taken in Cairo.

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Random Shots

I take pictures every day to work on my skills.  These are two I took yesterday driving through a section of Hanover, PA.  I used a 35 mm lens to get these.  I am still experimenting to see what I might photograph around Hanover and what focal length works best.  At the moment I am gravitating towards photographing the businesses and industrial sites.

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A Hard Look

151120-112141_15JEHI haven’t made much, if any, progress in deciding what to do differently in simplifying and unifying my photography.  I was out gathering some images taken as jpegs to see if I could manage without taking them in raw format when I came across this hawk sitting on a fence post.  I took this image as a jpeg with my 35 mm lens.  I walked up as close as I could and then cropped the picture to get this image.  It hasn’t been resized so it won’t print very large.

One problem that I’m having in making a change is that it would involve being more selective in what I write and photograph.  As I have tried out some ideas I find that I would be more limited and would have even more trouble finding subjects and thus would post less often.  In addition, not only would I be more specialized in my subjects and style, I would also end up offending or disappointing some others and more confrontations wouldn’t help me in simplifying.

My real problem with making changes to my photography and blog was not technical.  I had trouble deciding on my purpose in blogging.

I think I will take the simplest route, and not make any sudden shifts.  Instead, I will let things flow as I change and stick to my pictures and blog being more of a journal … maybe even more so.  That gives me more flexibility in photographing whatever I like at the moment as well as writing more or less about whatever I’m currently thinking.


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