Tour of Baummer Sawmill

I toured the Baummer Sawmill here in Hanover, PA with the Men’s Group from Homewood at Plum Creek.  It is a very interesting place.  Their primary business is recovering old lumber from barns and then turning it into beautiful flooring, etc.  I am showing you a few of my pictures from our tour as they showed us how they cut old logs and mill the boards into flooring.  If you are interested in the business you can read more about it on their website by clicking here.  I will post another set of pictures later showing the old pre-civil war house that they are restoring


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Camera or Phone

Phone Camera BW

I often wonder how often smart phones are used for cameras vs. for calling people.  I like watching how our technology changes, and how it changes us.  Smart phones have destroyed the small P&S camera business since people now just use their phone to take pictures.

Not only do people now use their phone to take pictures, they do not talk face-to-face as much as they did.  They also don’t call people on the phone as much as they use to.  They now just text or send e-mails.

I have taken over 300 pictures this past week but few of them will end up in my blog since I have been taking them for other uses.  I toured a local sawmill this past week and used my Olympus E-PL5 camera mostly with the 14 mm Panasonic lens, but I also took a few pictures with my Olympus 45 mm lens.  I had a lot of competition taking pictures … from the phone above to the newspaper photographer below.  Even many newspapers are now replacing their photographers and big cameras.  They find that people submitting videos and pictures taken with smart phones are cheaper and timelier.



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Looking Older


I’m not looking older, just this picture.  I have been busy and haven’t had time to prepare anything for my blog, so I thought I would put this up in the interim.




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Abstract Accident

I am not sure how I managed to take the first picture or what the camera recorded.  When it first appeared on my computer monitor I found it to be interesting.  Maybe it is some form of abstract photography.  I then started thinking, what if I wanted to make more pictures that were similar?  Could I do it?  The second and third were taken in a manner that I thought would work and in a manner that might explain how/why the first was made.

I doubt if many/any of you like it, but it has started me thinking of how to use the technique along with some other scenes that might produce some images that I like.  Maybe it will lead to something else and maybe not.

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Never the Same Again

I was reading a news article about the shooting down of the Malaysian airliner over the Ukraine.  The article was about how it would never be the same again in reference to Russia and that area of the world and went on to compare the recent event to the shooting of the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand, whose assassination 100 years ago sparked World War I.

Is it ever the same?  Isn’t each and every day different?  Things are never the same and unfortunately it seems that they just get worse.  This applies to deaths by gun fire in the U.S., to politics, to the wars fostered by different religious beliefs, to migrations of people running from violence in their countries, and to global climate change.

Plan for change … it will never be the same again.

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Seeing Red on Hanover Streets

I needed to drive across town so I took my Panasonic LF1 and took a few pictures when I was stopped in traffic yesterday.  They turned out better than I expected since I took all of these through the tinted, not absolutely clean windows of my car.  I didn’t have the luxury of driving a BMW X3 with the top down like the young blonde.  I took more pictures than these but I decided to show you the ones which had something red in them.

The reason I took these pictures was that I thought it was a good time, given the clouds we had, to further test my LF1.  I have been thinking about looking for something to replace or supplement it.  What I would desire is better IQ, better low light capability, and better, faster focusing.  The LF1 will not focus on the clouds so I have to focus on the distant skyline and then recompose the image.  In order to get better image quality and focusing, it would have to be a larger camera.  That is the downside.  Anything else isn’t going to fit in a shirt pocket.  I am looking at the 2/3 inch or one-inch sensor cameras hoping to find something affordable with the right ergonomics, speed of focusing, etc. that isn’t too large.

In reality, I don’t need or desire to take pictures like the above.  I probably don’t need a camera to replace the LF1.  Instead, I should just use the LF1 for emergencies and use my Olympus E-PL5 and lenses for any serious photography.  If I need better IQ than it has, I would look at a larger size sensor and one or two prime lenses.

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Walking with a Prime Lens

I was just walking around looking for things to photograph … things that others aren’t likely to photograph, when I took these pictures.  I confess … they are part of my effort to decide on which prime lens to use when and where.  These were taken with my 25 mm (effective 50 mm) lens.  That is a little short for walking in this location.  In the future I will probably mostly use my 45 mm (effective 90 mm) lens for similar walks.  I prefer to just use one lens at a time and then adjust my photography to match the angle of view.


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