28 mm Focal Length

I have been researching cameras and lenses looking for the best pocket camera for my needs.  I obviously would like the largest sensor I can afford as long as the camera fits in a jacket pocket.  The issue that I am exploring with the above pictures is lens focal length.  Lots of street photographers use an effective 28 mm focal length lens since it is wide and small and more discreet on a camera.  But how would it work for me around here?

I had to walk down to another building this morning with some papers so I stuck my Olympus E-PL5 with the 14 mm (effective 28 mm) lens in a brief case along with other lenses.  As I was walking back I took the above pictures.  I tried to cover a range of subjects to see how it performed in good light.

Long ago, well it seems long to me, I primarily used long focal length zoom lenses with an effective 300 mm being a much-used focal length.  It was not until I traveled to Ireland that I found that I preferred wider, faster, prime lenses for those conditions; but for walking around places where I live I still preferred longer focal lengths.  In the last couple of years I have noticed that my most used focal lengths have continued to drop … mostly to 40 – 75 mm effective focal lengths.  Lately I have been primarily using an effective 35 mm focal length for my indoor projects.  The issue I am exploring now is could I get-by with 28 mm for a walk-about pocket camera.

Based on what I have found so far, I am thinking about the Ricoh GR camera for a pocket camera.  It is the smallest, most pocket-able APS-C, effective 28 mm camera.  I had the Fujifilm X100 when it first came out.  It is an effective 35 mm and at that time I was worried that it wasn’t long enough.  In addition it is a much heavier and larger camera than the 28 mm Ricoh GR.  The GR also slides in and out of pockets easier than my E-PL5 with the 14 mm lens … it projects only 35 mm vs. 67 mm, and is lighter, 245 g vs. 425 g … and it has an APS-C size sensor vs. the micro 4/3 in the E-PL5.


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Round & Round

These ducks were flying around and around in a big circle.  I don’t know for how long, but long enough for me to go back inside and get a camera and take these pictures.

Sometimes I feel we are all on the same merry-go-round.  Nothing changes but nothing is the same.



Early Walk

Yesterday I walked down and back to the Community Center for a 7:30 am haircut.  These are a few sights along the way.

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Small Camera … Rich Results

I am coming to the conclusion that some smaller sensor cameras are being over-looked and under-used.  I have been on the look-out for another small pocket camera rather than using and working with my small Panasonic LF1.  It is one of those small cameras that were jointly designed and developed by Panasonic and Leica.

I am finding that for most situations that as long as I capture the images in raw format that I can get very usable pictures from it, and it is so small that it fits in my shirt pocket.  Don’t be surprised if you start seeing more pictures from this camera on my blog.

I took the above images in my dark garage.  It was raining outside and not much light was coming through the garage door windows, but I noticed that what light there was created some interesting patterns and colors and I wanted to see how well the LF1 captured them.  I am not saying that my other cameras couldn’t do better but I am saying that they don’t fit in a shirt pocket and that you probably wouldn’t notice the image differences as shown in this format.

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Small Cameras & Bad Backs

I am thinking about small pocket cameras again.  I have the Panasonic LF1 which is pretty good for its size.  The following pictures were taken with it.  The question:   do I need something better?

Before I go on, I need to explain the above pictures and why I am considering something else.  I went to see my back doctor about some new problems.  I took the first two pictures while I was in the waiting room and the last two when I was in the examining room.  I am sure that many around me recognize the office.

If you have followed my blog for a long time you know I had surgery in Nov 2010 which did wonders for my disposition and my ability to walk, but I’m now having problems again.  Those of you who have had back surgery know that this is a fact of life after lumbar fusions.  And it is one reason photographers tend to try and find lighter cameras later in life.

I sold my Pentax DSLR camera and lenses after my surgery since I found them too heavy to carry.  As I improved and found that I missed my DSLR, I got another one with the intent to carry it less often and not as far.  I have been doing that, but now that I am faced with more problems I know that in the future I might be using it less and less.   With that thought in mind I have my micro 4/3 system and prime lenses to fall back on and I might get another small system so that I am prepared for any eventuality.  On top of that, I want to have a small pocket system to always have with me; but I haven’t found one that I like in between the size of my micro 4/3 setup and my Panasonic LF1.  Based on the images that I can make with my LF1, I will hold onto it, and continue to use it.

There is no doubt that I want something better than the LF1 that is almost as small and light-weight.  The real question is, do I need something else and if so, what?  In the coming months I would like to see my wants and needs converge, but before that can happen, I need a clearer idea of what, where, and when I will be using a camera to make what kind of images.

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Creek’s Edge

141014-135906_Plum Creek

It was a dark and blustery day.  You might get the impression from the picture that it was also cold; but you would be wrong.  It was quite warm, unseasonably warm.  The picture was taken in what is probably going to be the warmest fall on record in one of the warmest years on record … at least from a global perspective and that is what counts.

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The Path of Light


Or should I have called it “The Path of Life”?  But notice that it is deceiving.  Looking at the static picture it looks like a straight path into the distance; but scroll down the page and it appears to be moving sideways.  Sometimes life is like that.

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