Blowing in the Wind

141120-142345_Plum Creek

Sometimes it isn’t possible to stand in the face of change and we have to go with the flow.  It is better to let the winds of time sway us rather than stand firm and let them break us.  To not change isn’t any more possible than to not age.

The cold winds felt like they were blowing right through me.  I took this picture at a shutter speed of 0.5 sec. so that I could capture the sense of the blowing wind.  Since I didn’t have a tripod with me I held the camera on top of a fence post.

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Plum Creek Model Railroaders Flying High


The plane is flying high over one of five different model train platforms that the Plum Creek Model Railroaders have at Plum Creek.  All five of the platforms will be on display over the holiday season.  The group has been hard at work all year getting ready for their open house and displays to be put into the Community Center and Town Hall lobbies.  Their open house will be in the Farmhouse on 28 November and 20 & 27 December, from 9 am till 12 pm.

I have followed their work for most of the year and have taken lots of pictures to create a photographic record of their work.  More and more of my time has been spent taking pictures of groups and activities at Homewood for use in local TV and publications in-house.   The downside of this is that I have not been acquiring many pictures for my blog since many of my pictures are for internal use only.

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Winter Temperatures

141114-153606_Plum Creek

If you look closely at the full size image, you can see many, many geese, mostly on the land.  That is usually a sign that winter has arrived.  It is also a signal to not use that path anymore this year.

This morning the temperature was 20 degrees with a forecast for tomorrow morning of only 16 degrees.  It looks like we are setting a daily record for low temperatures today and our high temperature forecast is for 10 degrees below January’s average high.  It is looking like the wild weather swings as a result of the overall global climate changes could get wicked.

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Shady Maple Farm Market

One of my favorite stores in Hanover is the Shady Maple Farm Market located in the Amish Market.  This past Saturday we went to the Amish Market rather than the Hanover Market.

Those who are interested have probably noted that the majority of my pictures lately have been taken with the Ricoh GR camera at f/2.8 and 1/250 sec. shutter speed with the ISO floating up and down automatically as needed.  It makes an ideal pocket camera that doesn’t draw much attention and it can easily be carried in a pocket.  I mostly use this camera for my “lifestyle photography”; i.e., just the things I see around me as I go through a day.

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Today’s Morning Clouds

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Love the Hat

141113-142829_Plum Creek

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Upside Down

141105-090205_Plum Creek-Edit

I was looking down into Plum Creek and seeing the reflections of the trees and sky when I shot the above picture.

It seems that much of life is flipping upside down.  Everything is changing from the weather caused by the wildly swinging jet stream to politics.  I don’t expect the recent changes in the political balance of the U.S. Senate to solve anything.  It seems that the special interests in both parties are unable to listen to reason, science, and facts.  They will most likely continue to push their narrow, short-sided, greedy interests and fight among themselves which won’t result in the best solutions for the long-term strength of the U.S.

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