Pre-Sunrise Colors


I actually went outside and took around 30 pictures of the morning light right before sunrise, but when I looked at them on the computer they were just the same as many other images so I did something different and took the above through my window.  I trashed all of the normal pictures of the colored clouds.  It was a case of been there, done that too many times.

I have only printed one picture that I took several years ago, and not any others for myself.  I am wondering how this one would look printed.

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Nature’s Art

This was the view from my seat at the table looking out one window as I was eating supper last Saturday.  I used a long zoom lens to collapse the perspective and focus on the colors.  I was seeing the reflection from one window on and through another.  I looked again at the same time the next day and saw nothing like this.  That is another common theme with my pictures this week.  I will never be able to repeat any of them since they all depend upon the light intensity and direction and colors of the light and plants, etc.  Nature never repeats exactly the same.


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Feeding my Muse


No explanation necessary.  I just enjoy the small things in life as long as they contain color, light, reflections and/or shadows and lean toward abstractions.  They are abstract only in the sense that I only show a small portion of the subject.

I reached the bottom photographically and decided that the only way to recover was to seek out opportunities that feed my inner being with images that I like.

I will be showing you some different perspectives this week as I create some images that I enjoy.  All of the images will be taken relatively close up with a telephoto lens.

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Feeling like Fall before Sunrise

Just a few pictures that I took while out walking this morning before sunrise.  It was a little cool and foggy so I grabbed the K-3 with the 18 – 135 mm WR lens.  You have to look carefully at the last picture to see the Heron and ducks feeding in the pond at the edge.

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Morning Thoughts


It is raining this morning, but it is much-needed and appreciated by the plants.  At the moment I’m not doing much except thinking about what, and how, things have changed.

I started my photography to record my memories of travels to other countries.  I then got interested in travel photography and wrote about my views relative to techniques, cameras, and lenses.  But, I haven’t traveled outside the U.S. in the last three years.

I then got interested in the concept of finding what I could photograph close to home, really close by just walking about with various cameras and lenses.  But, I have now done so much of that that it has become repetitive and I have lost interest.

I tried heading out with specific photographic interests in mind as I looked for specific types of shots.  Mostly those efforts were related to trying out different cameras and lenses under different circumstances or trying different styles of processing the images.  Since I haven’t been acquiring new cameras lately, that kind of photography has mostly stopped.

In search of additional things, and ways to photograph, I have photographed more events and happenings here within Homewood; but that hasn’t been too productive since I can’t use the majority of those images in my blog due to privacy concerns.

My main concern now is what’s next.  I have gotten busier with volunteer efforts here within Homewood and with doctor visits, general chores around the house, etc. so one option is to just let my photography taper off.  Since I don’t find this option appealing, I will still look for other ideas.  I am hoping to concentrate on finding just a few photographic styles even if it means publishing fewer images and blog articles.  My problem now is to determine what, where, and when to photograph.  It might turn out to be odd things, times, and places.  Or it might be a return to details of everyday scenes.  Or it might continue to be a hodgepodge of images.  But, too many might’s often lead to nothing.

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Hands at Work


I haven’t been taking many pictures for my blog since I haven’t seen anything different; but I have taken more pictures of people doing crafts, events, etc. here within Homewood.  The above was taken indoors when I was getting more pictures for my railroader’s project.  They are still building a new portable display which should be completed before the end of the year … including a slide show I hope to make.

Lately I have run out of new ideas for photographing here close to home.  One idea I will hopefully get around to is a project “hands at work” since I can use them in my blog and hands have always been an interest of mine.  I have no shortage of events and activities to photograph here but I am limited in what I can use in my blog due to privacy concerns.

I am also trying to broaden my reading to trigger ideas for future writing and photography.  That is a tough one to pursue since there is often a long lead time between when I start reading different books and then have them result in new ideas for images.  In the meanwhile, I’ll just try to keep my eyes open.

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Things Have to Change


140920-072217_SkyGiuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa said in The Leopard,  “If we want things to stay as they are, things will have to change.”  The problem is knowing what, how, and when to change things.

The geese in the above picture know that they have to keep changing the leader in order to preserve the stamina of the entire flock.

People have polluted the atmosphere with carbon by wastefully burning carbon-based fuels.  Even those who accepted climate change didn’t worry about a few degrees increase in temperature; but they didn’t realize that major shifts in extreme weather patterns comes along with small increases in the global average temperature.  It may already be too late to keep things as they are, even if we change now.  We should have changed much earlier to keep the weather patterns of old.

Many cultures and governments are currently learning that they have to change to keep things the way they were.  We have collectively moved toward global commerce and now some wonder if that was the right way to go.  Is it too late to make the changes necessary to preserve the cultures of old?

If I want to keep things photographically as they are, I will have to make some changes.  If I hope to keep walking and carrying a camera I have to make changes.  I have been assuming that the pain in my knees was due to arthritis, but I just learned that I have no sign of arthritis in my knees according to recent x-rays that I had.  It is my back that is pinching the nerves to my legs and creating my balance problems and pain in the knees.  Hopefully I won’t have to have more surgery.  I had one lumbar fusion in 2010 because of this problem.

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