Morning Contemplation Time


I took this picture yesterday morning as I was sitting in my computer chair and thinking about the tasks I have ahead of me.  I have volunteered to do some work for the Association here at Plum Creek and it will be taking a little bit more of my time.

In addition, I have been looking at the new cameras that were announced in Photokina 2014 … well I am allowed to dream occasionally.

And I still haven’t made the changes to my computer system such as moving files to an external drive, installing a new modem and new router, etc.  Some might say that I have been procrastinating, but I’m not sure that is the reason.  Sometimes as we get older we just don’t feel like everything has to be done “right now.”   Is that procrastination or is it wisdom that comes with old age?

I have also been having more trouble with my knees so I have been walking shorter distances and less often.  I have an appointment with the doctor to get an assessment of them.

In addition, thinking about my constant concern of what to do with my photography and blog has taken a lot of time.  Since some of my projects and photography for groups here have also been taking more of my time, the accumulated issues mentioned above might mean fewer pictures and fewer postings.

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Another Reason for having a Pentax K-3


Another primary reason that I want to have the Pentax K-3 is to be able to get quick pictures of the unexpected flights of birds and ducks.  I took the above picture while walking for the first time with the K-3 and the 55 – 300 mm lens hanging from a sling strap.  It is heavier than I like, but I will just walk shorter distances and less often with it.  A few of our neighbors will be glad to see me walking with my camera again since they like to see my images of wildlife, etc.

I am still in the trial stage with the K-3, but I think I will keep it just to get a few shots like the above and for inclement weather photography this winter.  I can also use it for some of my photography for Homewood publications.  I would really need to get some wider, faster lenses for greater use indoors; but in the interim, I can use my Olympus E-PL5 with fast prime lenses for my indoor projects.

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Cool & Rainy

140913-084038_Plum Creek

I took a short walk in between rain showers this morning and took the above picture of our resident Heron.  I didn’t have my longest lens so I didn’t get as good a picture as I might have.  If you notice, the size of this picture is smaller than I normally use in my blog thus this image won’t print well; but it looks OK on the screen.

I wasn’t looking to get any particular pictures since I was just walking for my knees and trying a different arrangement for carrying my camera with the 18 – 135 mm lens and lens hood.  I used a wrist strap and carried the camera in a Domke F-5XB bag.  That arrangement is compact and worked well for me and I will be using it more.  I carried the camera in the bag rather than hanging from a sling strap in case it rained hard.  No use in testing the weather resistance of the camera and lens in a worst case scenario; but I didn’t worry about having rain drops from the trees hitting it while I had the camera in my hand when shooting.

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One of the reasons that I wanted the Pentax K-3 was for use in dark bad weather.  We haven’t had any bad weather since I got it so I just tried it when it was very dark out.  It is a picture of the sky, which you probably don’t find all that interesting, but it captures a style that I am working on.

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Large Files, Small Computer

Guess which one is bigger.  Is it the cat or the Katydid in the above pictures?   The cat, house, rose, and Katydid were in Marcia’s garden out front.  The cat is smaller than the Katydid.  Since we have a small garden she needs to think small.

But, I forgot to think small when I got the K-3.  I have been learning the pros and cons of my Pentax K-3 and, in the above case, the Pentax 50 mm f/1.8 lens.  One aspect of the camera which I had momentarily forgotten when I ordered it (a senior moment?) is that it was going to stress my computer memory.  Not only are the camera and zoom lenses big and heavy, the 24 MP files are also large and could fill my computer up real quick.  I mentioned quite a few posts back that I was approaching the point of filling up my laptop’s memory.  At that time I went through a clean-up of my files and recovered some available memory space; but, I now need to face the issue of moving some of my pictures, etc. off of my computer onto an external drive.  Hopefully it won’t be too big a job, but it has to be done carefully and correctly or my picture software, Adobe LightRoom, will lose their location from the catalog.

With the solar flares due to hit soon, I think I will hold off on moving my files until after the flare has gone by this weekend just in case we have power or other electronic glitches.  I also plan to install a faster modem and router.  Hopefully when I am done my system will still be working and faster.

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Safety Day

140910-134119_Plum Creek

Yesterday I took a lot of pictures during the Safety Day events and then gave them to staff on a CD.  I have been taking more pictures of events here but they mostly aren’t appropriate for my blog due to privacy concerns.  That isn’t good in that it also means that those who live here and would like to see them only get to see a few of them as printed in the lower quality staff publications.

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Back to Basics … with a Twist and a Pentax K-3

I tried to change my style of photography and switch to smaller micro 4/3 cameras to circumvent problems I was having with carrying and holding heavy camera-lens combinations.  But that only partially worked.  There were two problems with my small camera approach.  One, the low-light image quality with the smaller sensors was forcing me to consider giving up some of my photography, and second, most of the subjects of interest outdoors required long lenses and use in bad weather; so, I decided to try to go back to what worked well for me in the past with a Pentax K-3 DSLR and longer zoom lenses.

I am also really a one-camera person.  I don’t like switching back and forth since I often have to stop and think about, or look at, the controls to make a change and then often miss the shot.  I found that it is limiting to only use a small camera and I keep going back to multiple cameras.  Maybe with the K-3 and multiple lenses I can cover more types of photography and learn to make control changes by feel without stopping to look.  Of course that means that I have to use one camera long enough to learn … which hasn’t been the case with my continual trying of cameras.   This is really a bogus idea since I will still occasionally use my E-PL5 with prime lenses when I need something smaller in sufficient light.

The “twist” part refers to me learning to use the heavy K-3 differently than I used the K-5 in the past.  What I am thinking about is using the car to go places and then only carrying the camera a short distance.  I am also thinking about using a monopod or tripod and taking my walk-stool and sitting in one place for a period of time.  If I choose to walk further with the K-3, I will do it with a lighter-weight prime lens.

In the past I used a K-5 with heavier zoom lenses to take pictures of the horizon and clouds just by stepping outside and only walking a few feet.  In those cases it wouldn’t be difficult to grab and use a heavier camera like the K-3 with either the 18 – 135 mm or the 55 – 300 mm lenses, especially in bad weather for short periods of time.

I am now waiting for the K-3 and three lenses to be delivered so that I can try again.  I may be grasping the last straw but I am going to try.


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