I do like silent electronic shutters and using LCDs to compose with my camera in my lap.  No one was aware that I took this picture and there were people close to me.

If all goes as I hope, I will also be going silent in the future about camera gear and settings.  I hope to go in different directions with my blog and photography; but the changes other than stopping the mentioning of the equipment and technique used, will be minor and slow to evolve.

My blog will also be going silent for at least a week since I am going away and will not have internet access.  After I return I don’t expect a rapid discovery of my blog voice and vision, but that will help ease you into whatever changes I decide upon over the coming months.

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49 and Wet


It was 49 degrees Fahrenheit with light rain when I took this picture this morning.

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More Signs of Fall

I was scheduled to take a tour of a Farm Museum this morning to take pictures of our Men’s Group as they toured, but it was canceled due to weather since the tour is mostly outside.  I plan to go to WV part of next week and get some pictures of the autumn foliage.  I am hoping that hurricane Joaquin doesn’t fowl up those plans.

Unless I manage to get some pictures in the rain sometime this week, I might not be posting anything new for a while.  I am currently considering how to best weatherproof my camera and lens so that I can try to get some pictures in the rain and later snow as our weather changes.


Leaves are Falling


It was foggy and the leaves were coming down last Monday morning here at Homewood at Plum Creek.

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Enough, Sufficient, and Minimal for the Purpose


And now there is one.  I now only have one camera.  I found new homes for all but my Fujifilm X-T1 camera and three prime lenses, the 18 mm, 27 mm, and the 60 mm lenses.  I hope to enjoy my path to a more simple existence.  I have been shedding not only cameras and lenses, but also camera bags and other camera related stuff, and I hope to continue reducing other things from clothes to tools, etc. if I’m not using them.

I am now approaching photography a little differently and I’m enjoying the freedom from carrying a heavy camera bag and looking for a wide variety of subjects both near and far.  I hope to spend more time photographing details, and life experiences up close with a wider prime lens.  I will have to shorten my vision and not look for small images in the distance.  It sort-of goes with the image of me walking slower with a cane and looking down rather than far.  My 27 mm lens will be my standard walk-about lens for now.  I’ll use the 18 mm lens for inside buildings when I need something wider and my 60 mm lens when I’m photographing details and/or need a little greater reach.  The only change or addition that I’m still considering is getting the new 35 mm WR lens when it comes out and making it my standard walk-about lens.

I plan to continue my photography and make images of ordinary things around me with my single, lighter, smaller, higher quality camera.  I hope to photograph the mundane, but with an ever-changing perception of how I see and think; but it will have to be up close since I no longer have a long focal length zoom lens.  I like to go out with just one lens at a time … just one focal length at a time.  I usually just select from one of my three prime lenses before I go out and then just photograph what works with that lens.  I rarely change lenses out in the field but I do change them when photographing an event or project here at Homewood when I don’t have to walk far with a bag of lenses, etc.


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Eclipse and Clouds


It was early in the eclipse when I got a view of the start of the eclipse in between the clouds.  Since heavier clouds were rolling in I didn’t bother to go back out later for another view.  My lack of interest might have been partially due to the fact that my 60 mm prime lens was the longest focal length I had.


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Behind the Scenes


I like photographing behind the scenes here at Homewood and I hope to do more of it.  You don’t see many of the pictures but some weeks I take as many as a couple of hundred pictures at Homewood events and then edit them down to a dozen or so for each event; and maybe have one or two to share with you.

My only problem with the pictures I take of Homewood events is that it doesn’t usually create many pictures or articles that I can use on my blog.  Another issue that I have is that my pictures print poorly with the copiers and paper that they use for their publications here at Homewood, so I’m less interested in seeing my pictures in print.

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