Photography Through the Windshield

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One of my frustrations has been that I sometimes see things I want to photograph when I’m driving but in locations where I can’t stop.  In addition, I have thought that I might, over time, come up with some interesting pictures of Hanover and vicinity while driving or riding in the car.  The only thing was that I didn’t think it would work well.  In the past I took some pictures using my Lumix LX7 and micro 4/3 cameras but hadn’t been pleased with the results.

Since I had an errand to run yesterday, I decided to try again.  I used my X-E1 hanging from a strap around my neck and preset the camera in shutter mode with a shutter speed of 1/500 sec since I wasn’t driving fast.  I put the ISO and aperture in auto mode and set the camera to focus automatically using the center focus point.  I then drove around and occasionally picked up the camera and snapped off pictures like I was using a P&S camera.  I paid no attention to the focus point or anything else other than driving.  I used the 27 mm pancake lens.

When I got home and put them on the computer to look at them I was mildly pleased.  I used auto WB in LR5 and it did a pretty good job of removing the slight tint from the windows.  In addition, I cropped them into 1×2 format to remove the edge of the car dash and some of the sky and leveled them.  The above are a sample of the pictures.  I was really pleased to find that none of my pictures had focus problems.  It focused plenty fast.  But, next time I’ll clean the windows before I go.

I hope to make more pictures this way and then eventually I might select some for a video tour of Hanover and vicinity.


  1. Dee

    I love the architecture on the buildings in your town, the workmanship, details that are on some of the porches. I find it interesting that your pictures through the windshield do not have any reflection, when I try to take some they do not come out very well, is it the type of camera or a lens thing or the program on your computer? From your description, sounds like a combination of things.While I like them all, I like the trees with the split rail fencing the best.


    • John

      None of those things you mention. Reflections are a function of the light. I had no sun and the outside was brighter than inside the car.