Daisies after a Shower

I took these pictures early on the 4th of July after we had overnight showers.  I hadn’t been doing much photography with the 40 – 150 mm lens and I wanted to look at some images at 150 mm.  If I had my way, I would like to have a prime lens with 150 mm focal length if it weren’t too large or expensive, but I will stick with this lens for my diminishing longer focal length images.

I would like to primarily use prime lenses with the E-PL5 and get away from using longer focal length lenses.  It is just a matter of convenience in carrying a small camera.  The newer collapsing zoom lenses help reduce the size a great deal but I prefer the better image quality of the prime lenses and the ease of using them.  I don’t have to unlock and extend and then zoom the lens.

My current intent is to use prime lenses whenever possible and to get up closer.  If I can’t get close enough I’ll look for something else to photograph.  How long I continue this style of photography depends upon what I can find to photograph.  I am trying to limit my photography to primarily using 17, 25, and 45 mm prime lenses since I prefer the small sizes of the lenses and their image quality.  I will keep and use this setup with a micro 4/3 camera until I determine whether or not I can adjust to this style of photography.  I adopt ever-changing systems as my needs, abilities, and desires are ever-changing; so don’t be surprised if I end up doing something else.