Documentary Photography


I’m pondering how I can improve my event or documentary photography.  So far I’m just staring into space and thinking about it.  Over the years I have gotten away from photographing a lot of the smaller events and happenings here at Homewood.  My primary reason for not photographing people here at Homewood is that I have been hesitant about posting such pictures in my blog due to privacy concerns and if I spend most of my efforts on those pictures, I don’t have images to post.

Since I obtained the Panasonic 12-35 mm f/2.8 lens I have realized how perfect it is for photographing many of the happenings here, and since some of the people here like to see the images in our internal publications, I’m thinking of ways to do more of it.  Primarily, the pictures would be for internal use in our publications but hopefully I can also make a few images suitable for my blog.