Fujifilm X100F Project (?)


One of my desires for the coming year is to photograph more with my Fujifilm X100F.  I’m planning on using it more since I like the camera for its size, its controls, and its image quality.  In the past, my projects have been about the subject matter so it seems a little odd to me to think of using the X100F as a “project”.

There are problems with me attempting to use the X100F more.  One issue is the focal length.  I am already limited with what I have to photograph and adding a 35mm focal length limitation to the mix makes it even harder, even with crop-zooming.  But that isn’t totally true.  I could always just photograph the views that I can only see with an effective 35mm focal length, but they might get boring, repetitive, and be of little interest.

Another concern with using the X100F is that I prefer simple, more minimalist images, and given the material I have to work with around here, that means I might need to get up close and photograph details if I only have an effective 35mm focal length, or crop like I did for the above image.

I have already done some experiments to see if I could just use the X100F for my Homewood photography, and I found out I could, but only in those areas where I could get up front.  It would mean limiting my work to some extent.  The real issue would probably be, why do that when I have the Olympus E-M1 Mark II and longer focal length lenses?

As I pursue this project of using the X100F more often, it means mostly using it for my personal photography and looking for suitable images to fit the focal length.  If I need to just get the picture, it would be more practical to use my micro 4/3 gear; but when I’m looking for a challenge, it means using the X100F more.