My Photography Concentration

I recently went through another bout of looking for a small pocket camera to add to my X-Pro2 and the X-H1, which should arrive 7 October.  After much thought, I have returned to forgetting about getting a small camera, at least for the time being.  They are few in number and don’t have the features I would like.  In that case, I will use my two cameras, the X-Pro2 and the X-H1 for all of my photography.

The main thing I need to accept, is that my opportunities for finding things to photograph are limited.  The other thing is that I mostly make images that are suitable for Homewood’s use, and for privacy concerns, I am limited in using most of them in my personal website.  I also have little to say about my photography now that I’m not cycling through lots of cameras.  All of these facts point to my posting less on my website and concentrating on my photography for Homewood at Plum Creek residents.  Basically there will not be any changes other than I will be writing less about photography.  The vast majority of my images have been, and will continue to be, made on the campus here at Plum Creek and will focus on things around campus and the residents and their activities.