Truth is Dead … Nothing Matters

I really am disturbed, depressed, and baffled.  Listening to the politicians and the news, and those who listen to them, I realize that nothing seems to matter anymore.  Everyone tells lies and says whatever they want with no consequences whatever.  Truth no longer matters. Say whatever you want and say it over and over and you will be believed by many.

I was wondering how I could demonstrate this in my photography.  Do you think that if I published all of my pictures to look like these, others might start to believe that they have been seeing wrong all these years?  Maybe this is how “the real world” looks.  Don’t think, just believe in whatever you see and hear, it doesn’t matter anymore; or will we all pay for the errors of our ways one day?


  1. paula graham

    I know so well how you are feeling and how baffled and horrified one is…I do feel that too. To lower oneself to those standards or rather lack of them is to join these untrusworthy liars, the last thing we want. Truth is truth, that cannot be changed it is all very uncomfortable and I fear it will lead to a very unhappy state of affairs, mutiny and even war. Your photos are not going to change anything, only words and deeds can, I fear. History can tell and teach us so much .


      • paula graham

        I feel the same!! Not that it helps you though! It is , however, quite nice to have some sort of purpose for taking photos and getting feedback is also pleasant and worthwhile, I feel.