Zine or Book Suitable ?

I have been in dire need of coming up with a project in order to keep me focused on my photography; but, my thoughts about going off campus to make images doesn’t look promising.  That leaves me with the big question, what can I do instead.  

I have also been wanting to print some of my monochrome images but I have not yet settled on a subject or theme for a book or zine.  With my acquisition of the 45mm lens I’m now starting to wonder if I could collect enough images from around Homewood that I could use in a zine or book.

I have been collecting a few potential images, but I need to concentrate on a few subjects and see what I can collect this summer.  If I can make enough images to select from, I might be able to make a few zines this coming winter from the images I collect; but, I might already have enough images to at least make a test zine or book.  Regardless, if the above is a possibility, I should use my E-M5 III camera most of the time with prime lenses rather than my TG-6.

But, do I really want to make a book all in monochrome?  What about the subject matter?  What about the theme?  I really need to be clear with myself as to why I might want to do this.  The fact that I’m still dithering with such questions tells me that I’m not ready to commit yet.


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