This post is for those who wonder about my current state of processing my images.  I’m currently photographing with, and only saving, “Olympus natural color jpegs”.  The first image is how they look when I download them into Adobe Lightroom Classic.  Going across on the top row, on your right, is my normal B&W style made from the jpeg.  The next image, the third, is my higher contrast toned B&W style made from the original jpeg.  The last image is my preferred color style made from the original jpeg.  These are my four starting points.  Depending on the scene, my mood, etc. I start with one of these styles and then tweak each image individually.

I start with out-of-camera jpegs rather than raw files so that I can use the camera’s noise reduction for the higher ISO images.  I used to use auto ISO with the maximum set to 6400, but lately I have switched to using a maximum ISO of 3200 since I am primarily using faster prime lenses.