What is my Photography About

An approach at making images that I have thought about is to look for, and photograph anything and everything I see in color with one camera and one lens.  This is an approach used by many others, usually with their smartphone.  Neither the subject matter, nor theme, nor purpose is relevant.  It is all about the colors and what I saw that you didn’t see.  

Do I want to do this?  After coming to live at Homewood at Plum Creek that was one of my intentions … show residents images of what I saw and they didn’t due to the fact that they weren’t where I was when I was.  These days I don’t find that to still be a good purpose, especially with what I tend to see, or not see now.  I am tired of my “limited views” and would like something new but I don’t know what.

In the old days the best and most interesting photos were of people and how they existed then.  Can’t do that as easily now, at least where I live.  Looking back, there were many good photographers that I liked.  One of them, Elliott Erwitt, is still alive and you can easily see many of his photos.

One divergent approach that I have considered is to concentrate on B&W images that are more about the details of life (but not the actual people) and show the details in a more minimal, simplistic view; but I think I have thought this way based on the scenes available to me while comparing them to what others did in the distant past and I’m sure that the old scenes can’t be copied or repeated, nor do they need to be.

One theme that I would like to use is to show how our environment is changing; but I would need to travel and take a longer time perspective than I have available.  I have allowed my constraints (in my opinion) to limit what I do with photography.  Are they all realistic?

All of the above is a rambling way to say that I don’t know what to do with my photography in the here and now.