New Day Dawns

I’m letting my B&W experiments rest a bit as I contemplate how I might use them.  In the meanwhile I’m going to try to get back into making images from my walks, etc. with just one camera and one prime lens … as simple as I can do it.  As a visual journal it may get boring, i.e. same images over and over, but I’ll keep looking for changes in the lighting, weather, etc. and probably just not do it as often.

I made these images yesterday morning using the Classic Neg film simulation with the X-Pro3 and the XF 35mm F2 lens, my choice for a one camera one lens approach to photography.  The challenge is to find enough variety with suitable compositions within my small world.

I’m also going back to my efforts to simplify and minimize.  I still have drawers and shelfs full of now unused photography straps, bags, etc. to figure out what to do with.  I also have old computer and photography accessaries etc. to take to recycling.  Once I get through downsizing with those items I need to tackle my clothing, unused tools, and unused supplies, etc.  The challenge is to get down to only what I need and not keep stuff for “just in case” based on what I used to do.


  1. Jean Alwine

    John, I think any photography student would like to have any of your equipment that you are not using anymore. Maybe you could check with local schools (High Schools or Colleges) to see if any students would like to have them.