Thinking about a Change in Direction

I’m thinking about making some changes with my photography.  I have thrived in the past on continuous changes, like a long distance float down a stream.  While I’m not out collecting many new images, I have been trying different processing schemes to see what works best with what kind of images.  You will recognize the first image since I used it a few posts back.  I dithered with whether to show it as a monochrome or show it in color when I first used it, so I went back to work with it in color.  I like each for different reasons; but, I really prefer working in monochrome more, providing I have the right lighting and subject.

I sometimes think that I would rather work with color, but I have tended to use monochrome where I can modify it more easily to show my emphasis or emotion in using the images or attempt to achieve a consistency. 

But, my processing changes have been about as effective as barking up a tree. One of my biggest challenges is to find suitable images to work on either in color or monochrome.

My problem is that I can only capture what I observe.  Given the few different things that I see, can I develop some other techniques to do something different?  Could I incorporate some of my older work with new work?  Or has photography and/or blogging become an unviable hobby for me?

Basically I am just killing time while my mobility is limited due to some medical issues.  I have some minor surgery coming up so I’ll keep thinking and dithering about photography as I recover from that.

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