Shades & Shapes in Nature

I suppose it might become a project … photographing shades and shapes in nature around Homewood in monochrome; but, the subjects have usually been altered by man so I don’t know about using the terms “in nature”.   There is really nothing natural about the works of nature around here so I would have to use a broad definition of nature such as, “the sum total of the forces at work throughout the universe”.

In the above picture the leaves were broken up by a rake and the bits of evergreen needles were sheared from a shrub.  The mulch consists of hardwood chewed up into pieces by a shredder and then died a dark brown.

These thoughts cause me to wonder about the insurance business.  If the insurance is to cover damages caused by “acts of God”:  flooding, wildfires, high winds, nature’s actions, etc., when will they decide that they are made worse, or even created by the acts of man and that they will no longer pay-off as much, or even cover them anymore, because of our ignorance?