Fresh Start

230104201820I started off the year with a big problem.  My computer crashed and I decided to get a new MacBook Air laptop and set it up clean with a new operating system, new applications, new file structure, etc.  This included a new Lightroom catalog.  I also started with all new photos and dumping all of my pictures from 2020 through 2022 since I considered them not worth keeping.

I stepped outside last night and captured this view of the moon shining through the clouds just to have a picture to use while I reset my folders and files.

I now need to collect new images, but first I need to get my computer set up in a way I like, do a bunch of financial work, and eventually do my 2022 taxes.  All of this means that my blogging will be very light for awhile … maybe not even until after I work out a new style and new scenes emerge in the spring.

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