High Contrast B&W

One change I want to try is to see if I can make more B&W images.  I like light and shadows and images with a lot of black in them so I am going to concentrate on seeing if I can make more of them that I like.  I also like simplistic images and it is easier to make them in high contrast B&W.

My problem, if I try to make more B&W images, is learning to see in B&W.  Making the images isn’t as simple as converting to B&W and increasing the contrast.  That doesn’t create pleasing examples of this mode of photography.  To make this style of image requires learning how to see differently and then seeking out the images that work.

One thing I am doing to speed up the learning process is going back over the pictures I have made this year and reprocessing them in B&W to help me learn what kinds of images might work as well as those which don’t work.  That is the beauty of LR.  I can rework all of my pictures over and over as I try different processing.

After I process some of my older images, my future photography and posting in this blog will be contingent on me getting out and getting some new pictures.  Since that could easily slow down my posting, I might use any extra time to catch up with a backlog of pictures that I want to print and possibly publish a book or two.