Hanging it Up

210919-100252-JEH21I’m hanging up my blogging, for at least a while.

I’m still making images and trying some other cameras and lenses, etc.; but, since I’m just making test shots and trying different gear and not going anywhere new or seeing anything new, I’m not making images suitable for publication.

I hope to return to posting new images after I decide what camera and what lenses and what processing I want to use in the future, as well as why I will be posting.  Making that decision depends on why and what I will be photographing so I have no idea of how long it will be, but I’m hoping it won’t be too long.

My overriding issue is that I haven’t been going anywhere due to Covid-19, and I have already photographed everything, other than people, at Homewood at Plum Creek where I live.  Living under these conditions makes photography as a hobby pretty near impossible.  Trying to continue with my photography as I have been doing has gotten to the point where it is not an enjoyable or viable hobby or rewarding activity.  I would therefore like to shift my emphasis for my blog and photography in new directions other than just playing around with different cameras and lenses and processes or styles.


  1. babsje

    I can relate to what you are saying and wish you well, but I will miss your posts in the meantime. It has indeed been a challenging year and a half for all because of Covid considerations. Good luck finding a new normal that fits you like a kid glove. Best, Babsje


  2. Anonymous

    John, I have 2 -4 feet long sweet potato vines hanging from my balcony (248) along with other trailing vincas , hanging basket and 4 PINK pumpkins. Feel free to photo them!!! Jean


      • Anonymous

        Sorry John, I didn’t think country borders had anything to do with the beauty of flowers. I will not comment again.


      • John Holmes

        Well, it is more than that. When we stopped have events that I could photograph, I sold cameras and lenses. I now have another camera, but I don’t have a long enough lens to photograph flowers up on your balcony. I’m working on trying to decide what I want to photograph and what lenses I would need and whether or not it is worth spending over a thousand dollars for a long zoom lens. If you have noticed, I have only been making images of flowers up close.